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Wouldn’t you love to know a few years in advance if you or someone you knew was going to have a heart attack? In many cases you can, however, the symptoms are a little taboo, but I promise there is a way to very possibly reverse both the symptom AND the incidence of a heart attack and keep your man card.

Erectile dysfunction (ED). Nobody likes it, nobody wants it, nobody wants to talk about it; I understand. It’s a lot easier to go and get a little blue pill, or maybe do a lunchtime procedure and hope that takes care of it. Maybe you will see some improvement in the bedroom for a little while, but do you really understand WHY you might be experiencing this in the first place, and wouldn’t it be better to address that?

There could be a number of reasons for ED - anything from drug interactions, to injuries, psychological states and maybe low testosterone. However, the one that is often overlooked and severely under diagnosed is blockage of the blood vessels from a poor diet. The very same foods that can often lead to a heart attack and stroke are the same foods that can quite often cause erectile dysfunction.

We call this the canary in the coal mine.

To understand why the blood vessels to the penis tends to block up first, let’s take a look at the diameter of two arteries. The coronary artery that flows to the heart is about 3-4 mm wide, about the size of a regular straw. Now, take one of those cocktail stirring straws, that about 1 mm in diameter, the size of the blood vessels going to the penis.

When it comes to arteries, size does matter, because smaller blood vessels block sooner than larger than ones.

Wouldn’t it be great treat the issue in the bedroom by simply adding more plants to your plate AND reverse damage to your blood vessels that could lead to a pending heart attack? Instead of seeing a urologist, I’d suggest head to the cardiologist. I challenge you to go 100% whole food, plant-based, no oil, no highly processed plant-based foods for 30 days and report back.

If you really want to level up and get the blood flowing, athlete-style, add in foods with a higher natural nitrate count. These nitrates turn into nitric oxide in the blood stream and this is what is responsible for helping the blood vessels expand, allowing for greater blood flow, and better performance.

So, ED is no fun, but this Early Detection might improve your relationship, and it could very well save your life.


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