Official Forks Over Knives Community Program

The inspirational, life-changing documentary, Forks Over Knives has propelled many to shake up their lifestyles and adopt a plant-based diet to improve their health. Sometimes that is challenging to do when a support system is not in place. In this Forks Over Knives approved official 6-week program, we will explore the aspects of a whole food, plant-based diet, how to talk with friends and family, how to re-structure your kitchen, how to go out and eat and remain social without adding stress to you and those around you and so much more. The next program is to run in May, 2017.


In-Home, Hands On Group Cooking Classes

The most effective way to learn anything is by just doing it. Here, I will arrive at your home with a menu specifically written for you and your guests. You'll make everything from appetizer to dessert and I will offer tips, tricks and culinary inspiration as you cook. Afterward, you'll sit down with your party and enjoy the fruits of your labor. It's great education and entertainment with your favorite people! Available in the metro St. Louis area.




Certified Cancer Support & Prevention Nutrition Classes

As a proud PCRM member, I offer his four-part series which includes short videos featuring Dr. Neal Barnard and is then supported by a cancer survival and prevention cooking class where you will taste and begin to understand the hows and the whys food plays such a significant role in strengthening our immune system and thus, supporting good health. These classes are only taught by certified instructors who earned their training through the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM). Currently offered at the Cancer Support Community. Please use the Contact Form to inquire if you would lie this at your place of business or other venue.




Coming Soon

Specialized Plant Based Health and Wellness Coaching Integrating Positive Psychology

In 2013 the New York Times ran a piece that said doctors in training were only going to get 8 minutes with each patient when they entered practice. Because of this, healthcare providers need help in treating their patients. Pair the lack of face time with little to no nutrition education, physicians and clinicians are reaching out to find experts who have achieved reputable education and are certified in their fields. 

As a Wellcoaches Certified Health and Wellness coach, I will soon be offering fully integrated and individualized coaching and support programs to help not only get from "here to there", but help you to discover why it's important to make lasting changes in an autonomous manner. These session will be available in person, on the phone or via SKYPE.

If you are looking for individual cooking classes in the Saint Louis area, please visit the EVENTS page.





Certified Food Handling and Allergens through the National Restaurant Association