Oh, yes! It's a thing and you will love the sweetness of the beets combined with the savoriness of jerk seasoning. Get ready!

I like to take every opportunity I can to infuse more nutrients (and flavor!) into any existing canvas. I LOVE hummus and it has become my #1 condiment, so it needs variety. I also have not met a pickled vegetable I have not liked. Let's put them together for for something really great!

Help Santa easily get down the chimney, because, you know--- PRESENTS!These heart-healthy cookies are:-Made in one bowl-Gluten-free-Great for breakfast!

Created for my weekly Fox 2 segment and correlating blog post on vegetables in the allium family, this sauce features raw garlic, shallots and chives! If you are a garlic and onion lover, you'll dig this one!  

This insanely delicious gravy with chunks of sliced (or diced) mushrooms is great slathered on anything, especially my Plant-based Turkey Roast!

With all the flavors and none of the cholesterol, be thankful this Thanksgiving we can surround ourselves with friends, family, and really great health supporting foods. And- don't forget the gravy!

Stop the presses!How do you get America's favorite snack to be low sodium and super low in fat and calories? You skip the butter (not sorry) and spray on pickle juice so that your nutritional yeast and other seasonings stick!

There is a pumpkin everything, and why not include hummus on that list! The chickpeas and cumin help balance out the sweetness of the season's favorite squash and I think you'll love the velvety flavor!

Popping with flavors from dill and artichokes, this creamy and chunky (not heavy!) soup is simply delightful! Make once and eat for a few days! I have also added a good amount of greens to this - what a great way to get those in! Because let's be real, do you really want a salad when it's 45-degrees...

This vegan Mexican Street Corn is everything you love about grilled Mexican street corn without the dairy! Fresh, sweet corn on the cob (elotes), or sliced off the cob (esquites), is slathered with my delicious mayo, cilantro, lime, and a dash of spice! An easy summer side dish recipe!