Whip up this salad any night of the week; it goes with anything!

If there were ever a season for Nice Cream, this is it! We are on the cusp of summer, trying to shed some lbs, but not willing for a second to ignore our sweet tooth! Done!

Don't do eggs anymore, but miss that deviled egg flavor? You'll love this one!

Easily prep your cooked greens for the whole week in less than 15 minutes!

You will be lucky in good health with all these greens! Add this to your meal rotation and the odds of of making your body happy are in your favor, and luck has nothing to do with it!

Typically I think of oats as a breakfast item, but these whole oat groats have almost the texture of an al dente chewy rice that lends itself to both sweet and savory - eat them any time of the day! I like to batch cook and eat all week. The following week I'll keep the same spices and change up the...

WHOA! Buttery - umami richness without any oil used on this perfectly roasted cauliflower. You'll love it!

Step aside rolled oats! There's a new breakfast powerhouse in town! This little oat kernel contains all its phytonutrients to help you power through your day with no crashing and no hunger for HOURS. Cook once and eat differently all week with my suggested add ins!

Sure, cabbage soup is great for St. Patrick's Day, but it's also perfect for any day of the year. This healing and nutrient dense, nearly calorie void soup, is my new go-to!

I suppose, as many people do, I can get in a culinary rut. Finding myself making the same-ish things over and over again. However, I sometimes don't even see it! That is until I'm inspired by someone else's recipe and that's what happened here. My good friend, Natasha, who is a plant-based chef, and...