Volumetrics, as coined by Barbara Rolls, Ph.D. at Penn State, is essentially the act of eating low calorie density foods to achieve and maintain weight loss. What we have learned is the stomach has stretch receptors and when they are activated by adding volume to the stomach, they send a signal to the brain indicating satiation.

A few blog posts back we talked about about oil and many people are surprised at the amount of calories and fat it has in just ONE TABLESPOON! Weighing in at 126 calories and 14 grams of fat per tiny little tablespoon, can you imagine how many calories you are adding to your pan while sauteeing, adding to your vegetables before they go to roast, or how much you add while making a salad dressing?! Kudos to you for bypassing the store bought stuff that is packed with added sugars, sodium and all kinds of funky ingredients that help it last longer on store shelves. Remember - Shelf life in foods decrease your shelf life.

Have you ever thought about the oil you pour in your pan before you add the vegetables? What about the amount of oil you add to make your favorite salad dressing, or marinara sauce? We are so engrained to use oil liberally in all types of cooking and in cuisines, but we never really think about its nutritional make up.

When nutrients complement one another and have a greater effect on our health. Essentially, greater bioavailability, or greater nutrient absorption.

Seems there is a Restaurant Week for everything, except for us plant-based eaters. Sure, we've learned to navigate menus to piece meal an entree together, and we've also been able to zoom in on fully plant-based menu items that may not be advertised, but, unless you are at one of our awesome plant-based or plant-forward restaurants here in St. Louis, it can be challenging to find really great options among many of the meat/dairy selections in the "regular" restaurants. Enter STL Plant-based Restaurant Week! May 1-7, 2022.

STEP AWAY FROM AMAZON -- THIS IS ALL YOU NEED! OMG! This is so cool! I'm really pretty honored to bee a contributor in this bundle! It's my first on and I've been having a great time! 90 plant-based experts who you know, love, and trust have collaborated to create a WFPB weight loss bundle.

We all know by now that February is Heart Health Month – so, let’s say YES to NO and give our hearts a lot of love! Nitric Oxide (NO), science says it’s a magic molecule. This is truly your body’s own wonder drug and making sure you create as much as you can, quite possibly will: · Lower your blood pressure · Improve your circulation · Delay the onset/progression of atherosclerosis · Reduce the likelihood (and can prevent) a heart attack or stroke

In our community of support, we are here when you need us. Hey, you’re busy and we’re not taking over your life, so in bits and pieces as you need it, we are here to make adding a plant to every plate, more digestible for you. We want you to succeed, we want the goals you meet to be life-long lasting changes. Join us. Let us help you on your way.

What better way to show support and encouragement to your favorite plant-based person than to gift them a cooking class! Allow them the opportunity to learn all year long and give them a virtual membership where they have access to: All past and ongoing virtual cooking classes Library of easy and quick recipes: 100 and growing Complete library of past virtual cooking classes + all recipes (located in the private Facebook group) Access to private Facebook group Monthly accountability check-in and support group Zoom call with Caryn Quarterly “Ask the Doc” call with Dr. Jim Loomis, our Medical Director 20% off all virtual multi-week programming A community of support Enter promo code HOLIDAYPLANTS for a discount on all classes and all membership plans November 27-29!

The plant-based diet, or simply the desire to add more plants to our plates is here to stay. There is simply too much evidence supporting the health benefits of this way of eating, not to mention, every time you turn around someone else has reversed their type II diabetes, lowered their cholesterol, stopped taking many of the meds they've been on for years, etc. We all have to start somewhere (good heavens there is a lot of information out there now!) and we must all go through our "firsts". This means our first holiday! Take a breath. You've got this.

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