July 29, 2017 9:00 PM

7 best vegan ice creams in St Louis

As the summer heats up, lactose allergies and vegan diets can make finding a good sweet treat hard. Gelato is everywhere, but the truly creamy, delicious ice cream (sans dairy) can be more elusive. Thankfully, The New York Times says vegan ice creams is on the rise as dairy consumption decreases. And here in St. Louis, we do have some delicious options.

Clementine's Naughty & Nice Creamery

Chocolate Coconut Fudge: Coconut milk, rich dark chocolate, and just a touch of sea salt. Last meal–worthy. 

Cashew Salted Caramel: Blending cashews for the base and sweetened with dates, they’ve rounded it out with pinches of sea salt that is actually somewhat light and oh, so, delightful.

Ices Plain and Fancy

German Chocolate: With a creamy coconut milk base and shreds of sugary coconut and toasted pecans on top, it’s like that indulgent German Chocolate cake you love has been ice-creamified. Damn good. 

Cherry Cordial: This light and refreshing soy-based, cherry-flavored ice cream offers the cherry lover a nice, balanced treat: It's speckled with maraschino cherries throughout, garnished with chipped chocolate, and topped by full maraschino cherries.

Gelateria Del Leon

Soy Pistachio: Don’t be fooled by this gelato joint. Their creamy, soy-based pistachio gelato will pleasantly surprise you with a smooth buttery-ness that lingers. 

Small Batch 

Coconut Vanilla: This can be ordered by the scoop or within other desserts. Small Batch's house-made coconut based vanilla is nothing short of dreamy; it arrives just beginning to melt in the bowl, with notes of marshmallows. It almost seems fluffy, although the flavor is incredibly robust. 

Ben and Jerry’s

Found at the shop in the Delmar Loop, their P.B. & Cookies begins with a vanilla base and adds in chocolate sandwich cookies (think Oreo) and crunchy peanut butter swirls. This brought me back to my pre-plant-based days—you’d never know it’s vegan. 

Coming Soon

On the horizon is Heavy Metal Ice Cream, a father-daughter duo slated to open (and offer vegan selections) in Crestwood in 2018.

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