July 24, 2017 11:42 PM

Cooking with BJC Hospital

BJC is one of the growing numbers of hospitals that is now growing food! Unfortunately they cannot (yet) serve it to their patients, they still understand the importance of good food and just need a few pointers on how to serve it.

I showed them an awesome tahini dressing and the correct (and oh,so tasty!) way to prepare the copious amount of kale they are growing. We made a ceviche where cauliflower stood in for the fish and finally I showed them how to skewer up a caprese salad with tofu, tomatoes and garlic.

If you follow me on social media (@STLVegGirl), you know how much I love talking about the hospitals who grow gardens, introduce plant-based foods into their cafeterias, stop the lease agreements with fast food chains and just go against the grain when it comes to feeding their patients food that does anything but promote health. Approx 70% of the diseases in this country are due to chronic illnesses that are seeded by a bad diet. A pill does not reverse this, changing your diet will. Get to the root of the cause and reverse the disease, don't slap a band-aid on it and relieve the symptoms.

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