March 10, 2022 11:37 PM

The First STL Plant-based Restaurant Week is coming!

Seems there is a Restaurant Week for everything, except for us plant-based eaters. Sure, we've learned to navigate menus to piece meal an entree together, and we've also been able to zoom in on fully plant-based menu items that may not be advertised, but, unless you are at one of our awesome plant-based or plant-forward restaurants here in St. Louis, it can be challenging to find really great options among many of the meat/dairy selections in the "regular" restaurants. 

Enter STL Plant-based Restaurant Week! May 1-7, 2022.

I can remember how stressful it was as a new plant-based eater in 2008, sure our incredible culinary scene here in STL has come a long way, but nonetheless, as a new plant-based eater, it can be quite intimidating to dine out, much less with friends and family in tow.

It can weigh heavy on the others in the party who want to make sure that plant-based person is comfortable, and that plant-based newbie doesn't want to put out the rest of the crowd and go to a join that only serves "their type of food". I totally get it.

Because of this, the Center for Plant-based Living is now spearheading St. Louis' first Plant-based Restaurant Week. The goal is to feature plant-based, vegan items from “regular” (non-plant-based forward) restaurants to accomplish our mission of getting more people around the table together and to easily introduce plant-based foods to those who are curious about a plant-based diet. With such a continued surge of interest in a plant-based diet, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for friends and families to dine together without someone feeling like they are a burden on the rest of the group. Hey, I get that and want you to enjoy a great dining experience not only for that anxious plant-based diner, but also for the rest of the group who does not know how to cater to their needs.

At the date of this post, we have Mission Taco Joint, Mike Duffy's Grill and Crushed Red on board! Because of the size of this project, we are focusing only on restaurants in the Kirkwood and Webster Groves communities. In 2023, I hope to go well beyond these borders.

St. Louis Magazine has graciously written up a piece about the event and you'll soon find me around town dining and asking restaurateurs to participate.

If you are a restaurateur in the KWD or WG area and would like to participate, please go here and simply register your restaurant. We will be in touch with you very shortly!

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