I create recipes for the plant-based beginner and I'm honored VegWorld Magazine has chosen a few of my favorites to share with their readers. It's exciting!!

My experience with L-Nutra's 5 Day ProLon Fasting Mimicking Diet (FMD)

Kale and White Bean Vegan Bruschetta on today’s #LunchBreakLIVE! No longer a mere appetizer or side, this bruschetta comes in as the main event as hearty, filling, and just plain yummy! Today vegan health coach and chef Caryn Dugan joins us and shows us how to make this incredible dish!

Another fun event to kick off the big anniversary week!! Using secret ingredients, Dr. Jim Loomis and Caryn Dugan must rely on their quick creativity to be named Chef AJ's IRON CHEF! Who are you rooting for?! Here's the replay:

We are celebrating 10 years of STL Veg Girl and two years for the Center for Plant-based Living all week long! Dr. Jim Loom is in town for it all and we’re planning some spectacular events!

When building my businesses I always knew it was important to give back and during this week of celebrating STL Veg Girl’s 10th anniversary and Center for Plant-based Living’s 2nd anniversary, we’re also giving back and I think you’ll find this one very tasty!

A cancer diagnosis was also the impetus for Caryn Dugan’s foray into plant-based eating in 2008. Still reeling from her father’s death from cancer 10 weeks prior, Dugan, of St. Louis, Mo., received her malignant melanoma diagnosis. Feeling sad and overwhelmed, she began reading about how to heal and prevent cancer. Dugan found several references to plant-based eating to prevent and resolve illness. At the time, she says, “I thought, from my cold, dead hands will you take my grilled chicken.”

Need a veg burger that does not get mushy, will not crumble apart, and stands up to your grill? Follow the tips in this article and you’ll nail that plant-based burger every time!

The Plant-based Academy is a collection of virtual-live plant-based educational programs brought to you by Plant-based Lifestyle Medical Expert, Jim Loomis, MD and plant-based chef and certified health and wellness coach, Caryn Dugan.

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