Creamy, light and a pop of dill - just like tzatziki should be! Spread, drizzle, or use it as a dip!

Tomatoes are popping off the vines, so let's start digging in! With endless ways to enjoy this summertime bounty, simply slicing them up and dipping them into Sour Cream mixed with Crap-free Taco Seasoning is one of my very favorites. Simple and delicious.

Guacamole?How about Broccomole!Sneak in more greens by adding steamed and chopped brocc to your guac!

Kick hanger to the curb and keep this easy and delicious cowboy caviar in the fridge always!

You will love this soft and creamy spreadable garlic plant-based (and oil-free) buttah! You're also getting a kick of fiber from the psyllium! Buttah that is good for you? Oh yes!!!

Thickened by oats, this creamy Italian dressing offers fiber, not fat, to your next big bed of greens!  

Chef AJ is a big supporter of California Balsamic and recently I was on her show where I promised her I'd try the famous balsamic that I keep hearing about it and use it in a recipe.  Yeah, that stuff is amazing!So, taking two of my favorite things - caramelized onions and dip (I mean, seriously, wh...

I have a hard time calling this a recipe. Seriously, it's THAT easy and thanks to the folks at Penzy's, it's really very delicious!    

Dr. Loomis does it again with this deliciously creamy dressing! Its bursting with flavor and so very easy to make! you'll be eating it with a spoon-- he does!

I invited my friend, Chef Chris Bertke, of the Vegan Deli and Butcher to join me in this week's PLANT-BASED QUICK COOKING SHOW and right before the very camera, he created this outstanding gravy. Please watch the video as the description here offers no exact ratios and you will have a much better un...