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August 15, 2020, at 09:00 AM
Location: virtual
To celebrate our 1st anniversary, we are going back to basics. In addition to all of the diet + lifestyle information out there, there is also a mad rush on how to boost our immune system and lose the COVID weight! CPBL founder, Caryn Dugan, along with Medical Director, Dr. Jim Loomis, are bringing you one day of plant-based education that will remind you why a plant-based lifestyle is the #1 irrefutable way to lose weight and boost your immune system.

July 13, 2020, at 12:00 PM
Location: virtual
This is our new EXPRESS SERIES! If you’re at the office or home and need a break from the day, maybe you’d like to actually learn something you can use right away - register for these abbreviated classes for some quick bites! If you are tired of making the same old dips and spreads, hang on, we’re going to give you three delicious savory recipes that you can whip up in no time! We’ll talk about all the ways you can use them and we assure you, you’ll use them for years to come!

July 9, 2020, at 06:00 PM
Location: Center for Plant-based Living
You LOVE artichokes, and aside from opening a can of them and putting them in your salad, you’re really not sure what the heck to do with them. Let’s take care of that!

July 2, 2020, at 06:00 PM
Location: virtual
Don’t get stuck eating crap on another holiday! (Been there…) Let’s celebrate by offering really DELICIOUS and nutrient-dense food that you can debut to your friends now and continue to cook up all summer long. Get used to making these; they will become everyone’s favorite!

June 26, 2020, at 04:00 PM
Location: virtual
How do you make your hummus? In this class, we will take this savory spread and create three different dishes out of it. This class is perfect for creating happy hour appetizers! We’ll discuss the role hummus plays in our recipes and how you can easily incorporate it into to everyday meal planning, from salad dressing, to big thick spreads. It will become a staple in your kitchen!

June 15, 2020, at 06:00 PM
Location: virtual
By now we fully understand that no one is immune to COVID-19, but research is coming out that people with compromised immune systems are at a higher risk of holding on to the illness once infected. Most chronic illnesses are dubbed food-illnesses as they can be brought on by diet choices. What a time to learn! As a certified Food-for-Life instructor who studied under Dr. Neal Barnard of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, these classes have been carefully chosen from the PCRM library to help you better understand the the power you have over your health. Change begins now. Join us in this virtual 4-series program where in each class, you will watch a video from Dr. Barnard, watch a live cooking lesson with 2-3 recipes demonstrated and receive the recipes and supplemental official PCRM educational and support materials.

May 17, 2020, at 02:00 PM
Location: virtual
As our stay-at-home orders lift here in St. Louis, our show must sadly come to an end. I hope you have enjoyed this collection of free and quick recipe videos. Thanks for hanging in there as we learn how to get content to you digitally. There is MORE TO COME - Please follow #PBQCookingShow on social media, because, after a short break, the ‘Q’ will switch from “Quarantine” to “Quick” and we will continue to deliver! Ooohh! We’ve got plans! For this final episode, we find it only fitting that we end on kale. The episode will feature the DELICIOUS Creamy Tahini Dressing and we’ll create the Tahini Kale Salad. Are you ready to kale it?! Kale, yeah, you are! ok - stop. We’re stopping now. Sorry. Here’s your recipe. Find us on ZOOM and Facebook

May 10, 2020, at 02:00 PM
Location: virtual
Mother's Day Edition! Show mom how SWEET she is with this chocolate ganache!

May 8, 2020, at 06:00 PM
Location: virtual
This is about as LIVE as we’re going to get right now, so let’s party! Grab all the people you share space with under that roof and let’s cook up an Italian feast! Your Menu: Chopped Italian Salad ( purple cabbage, romaine, carrots, artichoke hearts, red onion, balsamic) Eggplant Manicotti with Tofu Ricotta and Cashew Bechamel ( garlic, shallots, cashews, hazelnuts, nutritional yeast, lemon, San Marzanos, fresh basil) Strawberries and Chocolate ( strawberries, dark chocolate)

May 6, 2020, at 02:00 PM
Location: virtual
Who says a lobster roll has to be... lobster? On today’s show we are using hearts of palm and a dairy-free mayo, this wonderfully traditional comfort food allows you the comfort of digging in without feeling like you're pigging out! Here’s your recipe. Get your Ingredient Kit from Frida’s! Join Zoom Meeting: Or Facebook LIVE:

May 3, 2020, at 02:00 PM
Location: virtual
This is a great Cinco de Mayo food as it leaves one hand open for the obligatory margarita! That's only the beginning, whip this up all summer long and take it to BBQs, summertime parties, to the pool, etc. It makes a perfect light meal or needed snack just when you want to grab the chips! And- the coconut adds a nice earthiness you don't typically see in a summer salsa; it really rounds out the flavors and keeps you satiated for hours! Order your Ingredient Kit from Frida’s! Join Zoom Meeting: Or Facebook LIVE:

April 29, 2020, at 02:00 PM
We're 4 weeks into this quarantine and this is a bit of a kitchen-sink salad. It's easy, tasty and will last a few days in the fridge. It also will make a great lunch when you go back to the office/classroom as when it is chilled the flavors marry a little more, really making a very nice and filling meal! Here’s your recipe. Here is how you buy your Ingredient Kit from Frida’s. Join Zoom Meeting: Or Facebook LIVE:

April 26, 2020, at 02:00 PM
Jalapeno poppers are a favorite in my house, but we're not stuffing with cheese, but rather some home-made hummus! This 2-in-1 recipe shows you how to make one of my very first recipes - the Clean Slate Hummus, and how to cleverly create a new meal out of that everyone will love!

April 19, 2020, at 02:00 PM
We’re making a WHITE BEAN AND KALE SOUP in today’s episode. A simple, yet incredibly nourishing quick meal packed with nutrient dense kale, fiber filled beans and tasty roasted tomatoes, this soup is quick, economical and freezes well. Here’s our recipe. If you are local, pick up an ingredient kit at Frida’s! Join Zoom Meeting: Or Facebook LIVE:

April 15, 2020, at 02:00 PM
We’re making CREAMY POTATO CAULIFLOWER SOUP OVER BROWN RICE in this episode. It’s dill that makes everything pop! Here’s our recipe. If you are local to St. Louis and don’t feel like going to the grocery store, you can pick up a recipe kit complete with all the ingredients at FRIDA’S! Join Zoom Meeting: Or Facebook LIVE:

April 12, 2020, at 02:00 PM
Location: virtual
On this Easter Sunday edition, we’re making what we think is the greatest go-to spring and summer of all times. The Chickpea Salad Sammie! This mock chicken salad is perfect for family gatherings (not happening), parties (not happening), BBQ’s (not happening), picnics (not happening), not-really-wanting-to-cook-so-I’ll-make-a-big-batch-to-last-the-week (BINGO!). We have yet to run into someone who doesn’t love this.