It's crazy enough trying to get back into the swing of things, making sure there is a lunch in the hands of every little (and big) one of yours is not enough. Instead of a fight and packing something they'll trade or toss, listen to your picky eater and pack the rare good-for-them things that they will eat - better yet, have them help you! In this week's meals, the only thing I cooked was the brown rice, one package of GF pasta and I steamed a few veggies. That took one hour on a Sunday night. The rest I just cut and packaged and threw in the fridge. A couple of other items worth noting, know that sometimes we just don't want a big ol' piece of last night's lasagna or a really big sandwich. That can weigh us down and yearn for the 3:00 nap. Too, kiddos like to construct and play - let them take these deconstructed meals and eat them how they want. The leftovers can easily be stored in any snappable container. And, a few of these sauces/dressings can be interchanged, so I didn't dress any of the ingredients (plus, dipping is just so fun!). You'll see a lot of ingredients repeated and which helps with budgeting and timeliness in the grocery. These are just the ideas I had - I'd love to see how you make your own deconstructed lunches!

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